You've let your social media slip through the cracks.

Look Sis, I get it ... you have a million things to do, and social media doesn’t top the list.

BUT why?

Isn’t it where busy entrepreneurs are pulling in major profits and collecting new leads

every single day? Yep!

The ONLY reasons I can imagine you’re pushing social media to the bottom of

your list is because you don’t have time to play online, you just need your social media to work for you to bring in new business.

Now, trust me ... I understand, but

Imagine spending 6 DAYS to turn your social media into your ATM machine for the next


Introducing the Social

Media Domination Mansion Retreat

The exclusive program that turns your social media into an ATM machine for your business.

Walk away with 6 MONTHS of quality, engaging, and converting content that you can implement immediately.

Because your business needs more than just an inspirational workshop to thrive - you need a plan to be the strongest player on social .

Join me and other ambitious goal getters in beautiful Orlando, Florida.

September 2022

Here's What You Can Expect

This Retreat is more than a boring conference - sitting in a stuffy room with a long list

of gurus and leaving with a binder full of notes that eventually ends up on a shelf. 

THIS program will put you at the top of your social media game to crush your


Here's what's included....

Let's get ready

Your program includes 6 Weeks of Coaching through my proven

V.I.B.E. METHODOLOGY to craft a social media voice for your and develop a client attraction strategy.

at the mansion

Work and relax in style at our luxury mansion! Walk away with

branding photos, video commercials, lead magnets, marketing assets and a

signature (easy to use) tech stack

to crush it on social media.


I won't leave you hanging once you leave Florida. You'll have the opportunity to join our ongoing membership program if you

need a peek at your analytics, service support and marketing implementation.

Imagine . . . the jump in sales because you are out in front of

your competition.

YOUR Social Media


starts here...

YOUR Social Media


starts here...


The program kicks off with your “why”

and your overall vision for your

business. We'll review your client

avatar, your signature programs and be

sure that your messaging is clear and consistent.

Ideal Client Attraction

We'll brainstorm an authentic

personality for copy and content . . . and

develop your list of “Shanelisms” to

inject in your content! We'll craft your authentic social media voice and

choose the most effective platforms to grab your ideal client’s attention.

Bankable Content

We'll streamline your content creation

process. Envision the next 6 months, and

outline your program to annihilate your competition online. You'll also learn the resources and techy tools of the trade.


The fun part! The mansion is your safe

space to draft content themes, take

branded photos, write video scripts,

batch your reels with a team of experts

to give you a boost of confidence.

By the time you pack your bags, your content strategy and execution plan will be on fire . . . you can spend more time growing your business and less time in the marketing weeds.

This program is exclusively for coaches and experts

who want to capitalize on the revenue-boosting power of social media.

Take a Look at the Mansion....

From the moment you arrive, you are home. Enjoy your own private room and bath, private chef, your favorite snacks, with plenty of space to spread out and tap into your creative genius, and all within 30 minutes of the Orlando airport.

Team of experts to help you show up confidently and authentically.

The home is a luxurious setting to relax and tap into your creative genius.

You'll have plenty of opportunities to create creative content work in style.

Meet Your Retreat Host

Hi! I am Shanel Evans, your cheerleading partner in social media marketing. I am passionate about

teaching business coaches and consultants how to show off how brilliant they really are. Together we will come up with a customized approach to develop YOUR unique brand.

When it comes to the online presence of your

business, I want you to work smarter. Even with all you are constantly juggling, I can help you to SHOW UP consistently.


I have won multiple awards, including the Business of the Year Award and I’ve been featured in several magazines, but my greatest bragging right is watching my clients create more business opportunities and authentic relationships in the online world.

Watch Your Profits Soar

Upon looking at my pricing structure and offers,

she was able to quickly make two

recommendations that directly resulted in

additional sales and also a greater price per course

sold resulting in a successful $25,000 launch!

Shanel knows her stuff!

-Chef Lisa Brooks

Shanel provided me the tools and confidence to execute on my first multi-5-figure Launch in just under 60 days.

Her tips for optimizing my marketing funnel and offer landing page were gold, and created the type of enhanced visibility that attracted and converted

my ideal clients.


Shanel Evans delivers more than “social media”. That is something your niece does in her spare time on

Tia-Tok. This is more than witty posts and pretty pictures.

Shanel delivers business growth strategies that drive lead generation and ideal client attraction. Instead

of waterboarding you with content and overwhelming you with the newest fad, Shanel takes the scariest

and most complex concept and makes them understandable, doable, and measurable for consistent


If you want to grow your client base, build your business, and increase your revenue then Shanel Evans is

the way to go.


Turn your social media into an atm machine  

Listen, it’s time to get off the sidelines. Stop watching other coaches win all of the high-value


You KNOW you’re a leader in your

field. It’s time to make your

marketing reflect that.

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